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At AVM, Our Appraisers Are Our Number One Asset and Our Top Priority.

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We Care For Our Appraisers.

Our appraisers are our key to success. So we make every effort to maintain a sound and supportive working environment throughout our appraiser network. The excellent service we provide to our clients depends on the excellence of our terrific network of the very best professional licensed appraisers.

In today's market, ability to close more loans than your competition depends on the quality of your appraisal solution. Hence, our infrastructure is designed in a manner which ensures compliance to all state and federal regulatory requirements as well as appraiser independence.

AVM aids the mortgage industry and clients to reduce risk and make profitable and wise lending judgment by providing the top-quality appraisals completed by local, talented appraisers compensated well above industry standards.

  • Complete a background check for staff appraiser eligibility.
  • State licensed and/or certified.
  • Work qualified orders efficiently and quickly.
  • Review your reports for quality control issues prior to report submission to AVM.
  • Exclusively work for Ace Value Management - provide regular status updates on open orders.

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